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Getting started: meetings with local collaborators

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In my first week on the job, I’m writing to give a quick update on what I’m up to.  As the William Penn Foundation stated in announcing the project, my focus will be on working with stakeholders in the local public interest journalism, information and technology communities to develop a proposal for a next step project (or projects – the outcome is open-ended) in the near term.  This means that my work should move quickly and transparently and serve to encourage early collaboration among existing news gathering projects, while welcoming experimentation in content creation and delivery. This also means the product of my work won’t be more research or analysis (although much of the work will be based off of what others have done), but will be to produce project(s) – ideally, collaborations – which advance public affairs news and information in Greater Philadelphia.

My first stop will be to meet with some local new media, data and technology producers identified through J-Lab’s work as interested in collaboration.  The focus of these conversations will be identifying gaps in public affairs news and information, discussing how collaboration(s) might work, and developing a work flow (and principles) for how to proceed.

The project(s) developed by the collaborative will inform the Foundation’s overall journalism grant-making strategy, being developed by OMG Center for Collaborative Learning.   This means that the project(s) should be structured to yield data, quantitative and qualitative, we can learn from.  I’m hoping that the work will adapt opportunistically over the coming months as we learn from the collaborator’s experience and from best practices, both locally and nationally.  I plan to keep you updated, so please check back and feel free to post comments with questions. Thanks for checking in.


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May 5, 2010 at 12:20 am

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