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Brief Update: PPIIN CEO search continues

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A quick post to provide an update on the PPIIN CEO search process.  I realize that updates from this blog are infrequent, mostly because the work of the group developing PPIIN is focused on the CEO search, which is inherently an internalized process.  Because of our interest in transparency and keeping the public interest news and information community engaged, I am writing to share that the PPIIN search committee is continuing to interview candidates over the next few weeks, likely completing its initial interviews in early July.  The committee expects to bring potential finalists back for additional interviews in late July.  As is standard in hiring processes, candidate identity and committee interview content are kept confidential, but the leadership of the Center for Public Interest Journalism (the PPIIN project’s host organization), is encouraged that Opus Partners, the firm leading the search process, has received interest from promising candidates both locally and nationally.  I will plan to keep you updated as the search proceeds, and please feel free to post/email questions.  Thanks as always for your interest in the project.


Written by Mike Greenle

June 17, 2011 at 8:52 pm

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