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Philadelphia Enterprise Reporting Awards: ‘A Home Run’

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J-Lab released a report today on the enterprise journalism awards program which the organization sponsored in 2010 (awards announcement here) through a grant from the William Penn Foundation.  The report provides great background and analysis on the 14 public interest news projects created through the awards which covered important issues throughout the region while supporting successful partnerships among news organizations.

From the release:

Fourteen media partnerships awarded $5,000 apiece to produce an in-depth journalism project generated more than 300 stories, blog posts, videos, podcasts, searchable databases and interactive maps. The $70,000 awarded leveraged $96,000 in additional funding. The impact exceeded expectations. One project tracked a schools-turnaround initiative and reported irregularities that led to the resignation of the city school superintendent. A major investigative project documented how one in every five properties in the city was tax delinquent, owing $472 million in back taxes.

The awards program was “a home run,” said J-Lab’s Jan Schaffer. It offers a “replicable model for jumpstarting reporting that journalists know needs to be done.”

“Outstanding” results, said Jeremy Nowak, president of the William Penn Foundation, which funded the project. “Most of all we learned that a new generation of public-interest journalism is being hatched in new venues.”

Read a report overview or download the full report here.


Written by Mike Greenle

December 15, 2011 at 3:09 pm

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